Hotel General Manager job Singapore

Hotel General Manager job Singapore

HOTEL GENERAL MANAGER JOB SINGAPORE 120 luxury suites, villas and mansions butler service Casino sits under the hotel tower GM preferably has Casino Hotel experience China experience Mandarin speaking a plus hotel is by Invitation only via player development FULL EXPAT PACKAGE Preference will be given to highly qualified Singaporean nationals and Permanent Residents  …

Sous Chef jobs Arabic speaking Arabic cuisine Dubai

SOUS CHEF JOBS ARABIC SPEAKING ARABIC CUISINE DUBAI U.A.E. well known Dubai Restaurant company opportunity to grow within the restaurant network of this large restaurant holding company fine Arabic cuisine background upscale restaurant experience To APLLY eMail CV to

Chief Engineer job Maldives luxury resort

CHIEF ENGINEER JOB MALDIVES LUXURY RESORT luxury resort Group with 11 Indian Ocean properties Maldives and Seychelles FULL EXPAT package many perquisites job growth potential within group   To APPLY eMail CV to

Singapore’s Casinos ready to Surpass Las Vegas Revenues

Singapore’s Casinos Just Opened But They’re Already Set To Knock Out Las Vegas As reported in the Singapore Business Advisor by Vincent Fernando, CFA on August 18th 2010 It’s been barely five years since Singapore announced that it would develop integrated casino resorts, yet already the island nation has become a serious rival to Las…

Leisure and Recreation Director Job Saudi Arabia

DIRECTOR OF LEISURE AND RECREATION KSA SUNSET BEACH COMMUNITY Leisure and Recreation management experience Large leisure community FULL EXPAT PACKAGE immediate placement Kingdom of Saudi Arabia To be considered for this position eMAIL CV to to be considered for this opening For MORE opportunities Join Our LinkedIN Group: LUXURY HOTEL MANAGER JOBS CHEF…

Membership Director job Wine Fund Beijing CHINA

MEMBERSHIP DIRECTOR JOB WINE INVESTORS FUND AND LOUNGE BEIJING CHINA located next to Maison Boulud, Beijing previous Membership director experience needed at China's most exclusive clubs full Expat package Beijing's highest floor standards lounge and club many perquisites To APPLY eMail CV to

Authentic Italian Pizza Chef job Moscow Russia

  Authentic Italian PIZZA CHEF JOB MOSCOW RUSSIA the most expensive GQ BAR in Moscow opens a Fine dining dining Club and Lounge FULL EXPAT package luxury and ambience fine dining background many perquisites To APPLY eMail CV to    

Peter Lam Now GM of Grand Fortune Bay Hotel, Sanya Hainan

PETER LAM NOW WITH BEIJING FORTUNE UNITED GROUP AS GM OF GRAND FORTUNE BAY HOTEL SANYA, HAINAN   Peter Lam recently joined the Beijing Fortune United Group and has been assigned to be the general manager of the group's Grand Fortune Bay Hotel located at Sanya in Hainan.   With 30 years experience in the hotel…