BANQUET CHEF Job – Western cuisine Abu Dhabi hotel

BANQUET CHEF JOB – Western Cuisine Abu Dhabi hotel opening Buffet Chef

  • Banquet Chef Buffet Chef Expat job in Abu Dhabi, UAE, Middle East
  • Candidates from top luxury hotels or fine dining restaurants  
  • Base Net compensation Abu Dhabi Dirhams 15,000 per month About USD 4,080
  • Full expat benefits – details below
  • Single or Married status 
  • Be sure to read the job description and BENEFITS below before you apply

To APPLY for this Chef position eMail your CV and any plated food  images to





Reports To: Executive Sous Chef Western

Position Title: Hot Banquet Western Kitchen Chef Job Buffet Chef job    Position Location: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, Middle East.      

Strengths and Experience of Individual Requested: 

Strength Experience 

  • Must have at least ten years of experience in traditional western  cuisine  and must have experience   in creative modern fine European and international  cuisine  in 5 stars international  restaurant or  hotels for at least  the last   5 or 6 years,
  • Experience  with  well known international chefs will be an advantage,
  • Extremely high quality standard oriented Banquet chef Buffet Chef to be able to satisfy local and as well international traveler’s guests with high expectation with new exiting food to try.
  • Enjoy his/her work, has a pleasant personality and able to create an atmosphere of fun for all resort guests or communication with the guest whenever possible or the situation require.
  • Chef will strive to go  above and beyond  guest expectation in  order to have  return guest
  • To  research and  recommend high quality culinary staff in the market
  • Pre-opening experience is an advantage

Strength Managements

  • Good attitude, proactive and reliable
  • Maintains professional grooming and appearance and acts as a role model according to established grooming and appearance policy.
  • Encourages mutual respect, dignity and integrity with all employees, by setting positive examples at all times
  • Instils an atmosphere that encourages employees to share ideas, discuss concerns, to guide and resolve conflicts.
  • Computer skill essential (especially Word and Excel)
  • Understand to use food order purchasing system
  • Team work  and passionate  chef
  • You are able to direct and guide your team of chefs in providing a consistently high quality of food
  • Take ownership of the restaurant
  • Strong interpersonal and communication English skills required
  • Open minded  and willing to take constrictive  criticism
  • To communicate regarding  the  tasks and  job responsibility
  • Always looking for improvements in all aspects of the operation
  • You can develop and identify new products and equipment, to improve the production of the restaurant.
  • You have the ability to develop and define quality standards of food preparation and presentation of the food
  • Good  relationship  with the guests
  • Retains employees through involvement in training and development.
  • To encourage staff participation while  setting expectation for job performance 
  • To communicate and lease with others chefs and  related departments heads
  • Work very closely with the Ex. Sous Chef ( planning & strategy)
  • To be able to schedule his staff according to business and to ensures smooth and efficient operations on a continual basis
  • Knowledge of  HACCP required and ensure high standard of hygiene and work methods are met  
  • Controls food and labor costs on a continual basis within approved budgetary controls.
  • Overall to be able to have good communication with the Excutive. Sous Chef  or Ex. Chef  in order to anticipate issue for the success of the restaurant

Is this a New Position?             Yes     

If Yes, Why was this Position created? Pre-opening Hotel

What would you like this individual to focus or concentrate on?

  • Relentless  quality product oriented chef  while being in the cutting edge with regards to high-end  modern western catering/banquet  cuisine
  • Be constantly updated with the latest catering events food  trends around the world
  • Constantly search for specialty product  and  have  connection
  • Be aware of the competition and make suggestion to stay ahead of the competition
  • Consistency of the delivery of product will be the key and it is a must requirement 
  • To be able to be aware and anticipate  product season around the world in order to plans menus accordingly

Other Pertinent Skills and Qualifications required:

  • To be able to execute a  Western banquet / buffet catering cuisine with  excellent and refine culinary  technical skill    presented in a  modern, creative  and  elegant European style
  • The potential candidate occasionally will be require to do cooking of his cuisine style in and represent himself in different outlets  

Salary: Dhs.15,000       Bonus ?                 Yes    X  No

If Yes, Estimate Bonus: TBC      

Benefits Offered: * Medical    *Dental  *Hospital                        

Relocation Provided?     X   Yes               No  If Yes, Amount: 20Kg extra

Accommodation/Housing Allowance Provided X    Yes               No

If Accommodation,       X    Live In     Other: 1 bedroom studio

If Housing Allowance, amount provided: Dhs.  But prefer to offer accommodation

Relocation Provided?                    Yes      No  If Yes

Employment Contract?              X   Yes               No If Yes, Length of the Contract: Two years

Age Preferred:_ 30 to 45_ Nationalities Preferred: European

Marital Status Preferred:          X   Single         X   Married        Family             No Preference

End of Hot Banquet Western Kitchen Chef Job Buffet Chef job