Chef de Cuisine job European / Continental – Bahrain Royal palace

European Continental Chef job – Bahrain Royal Palace UAE Middle East ASIA

  • Salary is in Bahraini dinars   BD1,400/- per month  
  • + full slate of expat benefits
  • be SURE to read the details below before applying



The salary noted for the Chef de Cuisine job Bahrain Royal palace is an indication only, and is subject to skills and experience of the candidates, and market. The positions also provide allowances for Housing rental, and the use of company vehicles, in addition to the salary suggestions outlined above.
The kitchens here have approximately 60 staff, and are comprised of a number of kitchens each specialising in different cuisine, serving the main residence, State and official banquets and other locations.
The nationality of candidates is not important, and we employ and welcome applicants both male and female in all areas, however it is important that the candidates have a clear understanding of written and spoken English, and experience in the production of cuisine of 5 Star standard.
Position: Chef de Cuisine Job European and Continental cuisine

Reporting To: Executive Chef, Executive Sous Chef

Subordinates: Sous Chefs, Cooks, Kitchen Assistants

Position Description:

The positions of Chef de Cuisine requires liaising with the Executive Chef and Executive Sous Chef on all operational needs for the Catering department and ensure that all food preparation and production is carried out to the highest standard to ensure His Majesty, his family and guests total satisfaction and compliance with HACCP regulations.

Major Duties & Responsibilities of Chef de Cuisine job, Bahrain Royal Palace UAE Middle east, ASIA:

  • Developing your skills in cooking and training of other staff by leading them and maintain a positive attitude at all times.
  • Willing Hands on cooking style
  • Work when and were required within all areas of the catering department.
  • Menu writing and preparing, and where possible an emphasis on fresh local seasonal product.
  • Monitoring staff within the catering department and further ensure that all food produced is serviced to the highest standard.
  • Food preparation and servicing with an emphasis on quality, freshness and timing.
  • Monitor the catering cleaning procedures and hygiene practices, according to HACCP requirements.
  • Checking of daily food requisitions and maintaining stock level control to prevent wastage.
  • Ensure all necessary mise-en-place is ready prior to service
  • Able to produce a wide range of food styles at any given location (e.g. buffet, plated)
  • Maintain good personal hygiene at all times.
  • Ensure all kitchen equipment are well maintained, regularly checked and to report any problems to the department supervisor.
  • Report for duty on time and in the correct uniform
  • Ensuring that a high standard of personal hygiene and grooming is adhered to
  • Supervise kitchen staff to ensure that standard operating procedures (SOP’s) are carried out at all time

Qualifications Required for Chef de cuisine job, European / Continental cuisine, Bahrain Royal Palace:

 Hold a catering degree/ diploma. Minimum 5 years experience in the catering field. Capable of handling all catering matters during the absence of senior chefs, Possess strong interpersonal skills and excellent written and spoken English. Have an ability to make decisions at the appropriate time and fully aware of the happenings around.

Other significant factors:

Candidate must be experienced, active, willing to learn and teach staff, have a flair and passion for food posing pleasant personality and cooperative, problem solving and on call as and when required.

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