Executive Chef job Chinese Western fusion Beirut

Executive Chef job Chinese Western fusion 

restaurant Beirut, Lebanon

  • base pay for Chinese Executive Chef USD $4,000 or more + bonus
  • tax free
  • 26 days paid annual leave
  • Accommodation nearby the restaurant with electricity, water, gaz, maintenance, ect.
  • Social security coverage
  • this restaurant is part of a group with 4 restaurants
  • restaurant has 70 seats in dining room, more at bar
  • this is a free standing restaurant and is NOT in a hotel

Concept: contemporary fusion cuisine constituting a blend of Western tastes and far Eastern ambiance

Client will provide all the legal papers: Working permit, Visas, residence validity. 

TO APPLY eMal CV to Chinese Executive chef recruiter Modris Reinbergs, Hospitality Executive mreinbergs@gmail.com

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end of Chinese Executive Chef job free standing Chinese fusion restaurant Beirut, Lebanon, Middle East.