Filipino Head Chef job Caribbean Resort

Head Chef job St. Kitts in the CaribbeanOTI

  • Salary $2K – 2.5K net
  • free accommodation and air fare; meals not provided
  • only FILIPINOs will be considered
  • start date November 1 – major renovations will be completed

OPTION: a Filipino couple where one is the Head Chef and the other the Restaurant Manager
In that case the salary will be revised.

The Head Chef job is similar to an Executive Chef job, just for a smaller operation.

Be SURE to read the additional information below about resort’s restaurants before applying.

TO APPLY eMail CV to Caribbean Chef Recruiter Modris Reinbergs or,

GuadaFilipino Chef recruiter Guada Costillas 

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The Restaurant Creative: Main Building


This is the name given to the main hotel restaurant located in the main building at OTI. The Waterfalls restaurant is the heart of the F & B operation at OTI and sits high on the hill adjacent to the hotel entrance. This kitchen provides the main thrust of service and caters not just to restaurant diners but also to both the banqueting and outside catering segments as well. In the year to January, 2012, Waterfalls generated over EC$1.3 million in revenue with $671,224 of that total driven by Banqueting.

New Story

We envisage a central restaurant operation which is open for three meals each day. In this regard, the facility must cater to potentially three differing customers with different expectations and demands. The environment at breakfast and luncheon will seek to create a standalone experience built on well crafted menus featuring a strong semblance of Caribbean cuisine with a Kittitian flare. Examples of this will involve the use of salt fish along with fresh local produce such as breadfruit and okra.

The new culinary leadership at Waterfalls will be tasked with responsibilities to train and rebuild the kitchen brigade whilst also redeveloping the menus to help fuel a turnaround in customer demand.

The menus will feature fresh, locally grown produce, distinctly different from the selection of frozen items available on current menus at the hotel.  The move to fresh produce will require a close interface between the hotel and the agricultural community of the island and it will take time for production to meet demand. This evolution has taken place in many of the other islands of the region and that change has helped establish fresh Caribbean produce as a ‘tour de force’ making it one of the up and coming attractions in the modern culinary world.

The story of each meal will become a platform for new business to the hotel so that the reputation will grow equally for breakfast as well as for both lunch and dinner. This strategy will benefit the growth of room revenue and also help appeal to all market segments in rebuilding both the banqueting and catering business at OTI.

Décor: We recognise that the same space will be used for both breakfast and luncheon and that for those occasions, it needs to portray a modern, elegant West Indian feel, showcasing a classical simplicity of style fitting to a great house environment and therefore complementing the origin of the OTI main building, itself.

Furnishings: The selection is perhaps best manifested in darker wood furnishings on which tablecloths may not be the norm but which could be added on occasion for a special transformation.

Verandah: Seating will also be placed along the verandah and this will be the ‘location de résistance’ for the overall setting providing breath-taking views over Basseterre and beyond. Both four and two seater tables will be alternated along the balcony with service stations located strategically at two or three points. The verandah will be protected from morning sun by a wide canopy and guest will further be protected from blowing rain by the introduction of a clear, transparent drop down screen with electrical controls; this should be sufficiently heavy to withstand the higher winds in January and February and must enable guests to easily see through the screen to continue enjoying the views in spite of falling rain.

Evening meal: We would like to introduce an Asian theme to the evening experience in the main restaurant and this will be largely expressed through the menu and the cuisine. This enables us to change the story and to create a uniquely different experience in the same space used earlier in the day for two previous meals. We will take island cuisine and create flavours and presentations providing our customers with a distinctly Asian flair. In the language of the culinary world, our menu and our cuisine will represent the very best of Asian-fusion. Put differently, Caribbean with a pan-Asian flair!

Asian: By describing an ‘Asian’ theme, we do not mean that the décor should reflect a distinctly Chinese or other personality. Indeed, we have to be very careful how we represent the change in theme. We believe the most successful restaurants of this kind, today, are able to successfully tell their story through the culinary experience without relying overtly on a particular décor or visual theme to communicate the experience. We do believe that the use of several floor standing fabric screens introducing colour may help convey a slightly different feel to the space and would help create a contrast to the more traditional look from earlier in the day. As much as we have not opted for tablecloths at night, there remains a possibility that this option would more usefully convey the change along with some of the fabric partitions mentioned above.

The View of OTI

OTI has always be seen in Kittitian eyes as the symbol for good food with excellent hospitality in St Kitts. We believe the refurbishment of the main restaurant supports that perspective which in turn helps the property grow higher room revenues with higher average rates.

This combination will be the key to our success.

end of Filipino Head Chef job Caribbean resort St. Kitts