Guangzhou Chinese Executive Chef job restaurant Dhaka Bangladesh

Chinese Executive Chef job, new Guangzhou restaurant Dhaka, Bangladesh


Looking for Cantonese, Chinese Executive Chef who specializes in Guangzhou cuisine and can be Michelin star awarded or otherwise most reputed.

Client is looking for candidates who are willing to stay at least 3 years and who do not have a "job jumper" short stay background. 

In addition to entrees, menu will include dim sum and noodles.

The restaurant will have seating capacity of 120 to 150 Pax. The restaurant will in the prime location in the diplomatic zone of the Capital of Dhaka and heart zone in Bangladesh. The restaurant size will be be no less than 7000 sq. ft.

To APPLY eMail your Resume or CV to Cantonese Guangzhou Chef Recruiter  Emmanuel Plaza Tel. +1-312-940-3808 or, Chinese Chef recruiter Guada Costillas

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