Head Japanese Chef job Michelin Bib Gourmand restaurant UK

Head Japanese chef job Kaiseki, Michelin Bib Gourmand restaurant near London, UK

If you have 10 years of Kaiseki cuisine we want you to CHANGE and update their Izakaya menu at this Michelin Bib Gourmand restaurant.

Salary and Benefits ◆Basic Salary (Annual Income)
(Approx. 6.4 million yen ~ 7.2 million yen)

◆Service charge allocation:
(About 24,000 yen)

◆Sales achievement bonus:
(About 4,000 yen) ☆ Monthly income simulation:
Approx. £4,600~£5,000
(736,000 yen~800,000 yen)
* 1 pound = 160 yen (as of July 2022)
Work start date as soon as visa acquisition is completed
Welfare ◆Visa Acquisition Support
◆Separately from the above, bonuses are paid according to performance (every December)
◆Housing allowance: None (self-payment)
※ Property search There is company support
* The initial cost at the time of contract is borne by the company.
Working conditions ◆1.5 days off per week (shift system)
◆Working Hours:

The job is at Kyoto Kitchen in Winchester, UK. They recently received their Michelin Bib Gourmand rating. CLICK link to see their website: https://www.kyotokitchen.co.uk/

They plan to change their current menu to Kaiseki over the next 2 years with the hope that this will help them get a Michelin star.

See their YouTube Video showing the current Menu:

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wfGcItvgTms[/embedyt]
BEFORE APPLYING scroll down and read the Job Description 

To APPLY eMail your CV to Europe and London Japanese Chef recruiter Modris Reinbergs modris@gmail.com Mobile +1-310-691-2586

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A Michelin-guided-listed Japanese restaurant on the outskirts of London, England, is looking for a new head chef.

The Appeal of < Work>
★ A chance to move into a historic English city!
The shop is located about 100 km from London, about an hour and a half by car, and it is a famous historical place as a pilgrimage site. In a beautiful city that has preserved the atmosphere of the middle world, it is a unique chance to demonstrate your Kaiseki cooking skills as a Japanese chef.

★ The store is listed in the Michelin Guide!
This restaurant is an authentic Japanese restaurant that has already been listed in the Michelin Guide. In order to aim for even higher heights as a restaurant in the future, we are planning to change the model to the kaiseki style of the high-class line, and we intend to welcome a new head chef and promote that change.

★ Japan Rich experience in supporting employment!
In the past, the company has obtained visas and worked for several Japan people, and Japan chefs have been working. Therefore, you can consult with peace of mind about support when Japanese people work.

Business Type: Japanese Restaurant
Location: United Kingdom
Employment Type: Full-time employee
Recruitment Contents: Head Chef
Business Description ◆ Menu development and operation
◆Store management work
◆Training for staff
◆Team development
◆Inventory management, hygiene management
◆FLP cost management
◆ Marketing for events and media
Application Requirements ◆Age: Not required
◆ Kaiseki cooking experience: more than 10 years
◆ Experience as a head chef in past high-end kaiseki cuisine and kappo cuisine is essential
◆English proficiency of about 500 TOEIC points (for obtaining a visa)
◆ Those who can introduce a new style while maintaining the quality of stores listed in the Michelin Guide

end of Japanese Head Kaiseki Chef job near London, UK.