Michelin starred Chef consulting job open Italian restaurant China

Michelin starred Chef consulting job to open Italian restaurant China

  • Shanghai client owns 2 Michelin star Chinese cuisine restaurants in China. Macau and Taipei
  • THIS POSITION IS ON HOLD UNTIL CORONA VIRUS IS OVER. If you are interested in this consulting job email me now and we will contact you when it reopens.
  • client wants to open Italian restaurant in Xian, China
  • seeks Michelin starred Italian cuisine Chef/Owner for this consulting project
  • you will have option to be part owner of their restaurant
  • you will also participate with the Public Relations and promotion aspect
  • you must be a personally Michelin starred Chef NOT just someone who has worked at a Michelin starred restaurant
  • we will put you in touch with the owners and investor to work out an appropriate fee schedule and timeline. Your Project Manager may be the Lead on this endeavor

To APPLY email your credentials and contact information to Michelin chef recruiter Modris Reinbergs modris@gmail.com Mobile +1-310-691-2586

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End of Michelin tarred Chef .consulting job to open Italian restaurant in Xian, China.