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An Oil and Gas company in Dubai, UAE is starting up a Food and Beverage  business. We are looking to recruit a chef experienced in parfait, taiyaki and desserts. Preference is given to Japanese candidates who are conversant in English. Other nationalities are Welcome if they have ample experience with Japanese fusion pastries.

Client will introduce Japanese parfaits to the Middle East through their store. Such a fusion dessert so artistically and, cleverly presented, has immense opportunities here in a sweets loving region. Along with that Client wants to introduce the Japanese taiyaki as a hot dessert version along with the Hong Kong egg tarts. The next in the menu would be five star hotel style plated desserts. Store will set up in the Dubai Mall, one of the largest malls in the world, the point is to allow the main crowd to get a taste of artistically presented parfaits and refined desserts that are only now available in luxury hotels.

To APPLY eMail CV to Japanese Pastry Chef Recruiter Guada Costillas or UAE Dubai Chef recruiter Modris Reinbergs

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