Sous Chef Manager Pastry department 3 Michelin stars Ensue Shenzhen China

Sous Chef Manager Ensue restaurant by 3 Michelin stars Chef in Shangri-La Shenzhen, China






  • Salary will vary based on the experience with Housing allowance,  Medical insurance, any Visa fees, will be covered by the company.
  • Pastry Sous Chef Job Description
  • Ensue is a FREESTANDING restaurant with Michelin 3 star owner from Meadowland, Napa, California, USA, renting space from the Shangri-La hotel, Shenzhen. Prefer candidates from freestanding Restaurants
  • Ensue is a high end California (light and airy) American cuisine restaurant that has evolved and refined their cuisine to appeal to people who enjoy Cantonese cuisine. This is done by including items that are not commonly found in America but are in China. It is Not a fusion cuisine restaurant.

Sous Chef Pastry Department job description

As the manager for the pastry department of the kitchen team at Ensue you will be an important part of the BOH team.
The main purpose will be bridging the language, culinary and cultural connections between the Head chef, the rest of the team and China as it pertains to the sweet world. Therefore, being able to speak Mandarin and English is essential
for the success of this position.
Ensue is Michelin 3 star Chef Christopher Kostow’s first restaurant outside of California. It’s an ambitious   project bringing modern fine dining to the relatively new and uncharted city of Shenzhen. His California sensibilities are subtly reflected in the food with a focus on organic products, the natural simplicity of those products and the best season to present them. Chef Christopher Kostow’s philosophies are melded with the ingredient’s, traditions, and techniques of China. As the Pastry Sous Chef, you will be a key contributor to the concept and identity of the restaurant. It is your responsibility to properly manage the department as it pertains to the direction by the head chef. In addition, you will be asked to work irregular hours depending on the daily necessities of the role.
Key Responsibilities
 Assisting the Head Chef with Creating the bread, pastries and treats of the menu. The operational success that are needed for an optimal work environment and to ensure the proper knowledge of those recipes and ingredients are being delivered to the whole team as it pertains to products, training and understanding of the sweet world.
Sourcing products from all over China and building relations with the purveyors. Holding purveyors responsible when products are not up to standard.
 Documenting and organizing seasonal calendars to effectively use the products during their peak season. Once the products have been curated and sourced, ensure they stay up to the standards while being used and
 As a voice and messenger for the restaurant’s pastry: creating and maintaining and ordering with some suppliers will be necessary
Respect for the product is what drives us throughout the day. How it is stored, handled, processed, cooked, plated, and eventually presented to our guests should always be a thoughtful process. Our goal is to create an unparalleled dining experience for our guests, which is a result of the collective efforts of the entire staff in an organized and thoughtful manner. Team organization is paramount in performing your duties. Without the exceptional effort of the individual, the team will fail. While you may be in charge of the pastry you will be expected to work with in the whole system.
 You will work neat, quick and organized throughout your day.
 You will be responsible for purchasing your own knives and keeping them sharp!
 You be responsible in maintaining and organize pastry specific equipment.
 It is your responsibility to take notes and document all important specifications of the restaurant as dictated by the standard operating procedures, so that consistency can be enforced.
 You will be expected to organize and complete your daily lists of assigned work in a timely fashion. You will be expected to maintain a clean work area throughout the day and to ensure others working with you do the same.
 It is important to realize that your product may be a finished item, presented to the guest during service and therefore have pride behind the work you accomplish and the food you create! Throughout your day you will be representing much more than yourself and it is important that you remember that professional behavior begins with respect and courtesy.
 The dishwasher both machine and operator are extremely important and viable to the success of the business and customer experience. Therefore, they should be treated with the respect they deserve. Furthermore, due to our open concept kitchen design the customers and clients who visit this establishment are observers in the operations of the kitchen. It is everybody’s job to help manage the cleanliness standards of the restaurant.
 As the Pastry Sous Chef, you will plate the food and sometimes even bring it to the guest in the dining room or upstairs to the bar. Appearance and demeanor are very important factors in achieving a successful dining experience for our guests.


Ensure是Christopher Kostow厨师在加州以外的第一家餐厅。这是一个雄心勃勃的项目,将现代高级美食
然简单性和呈现的最佳季节。主厨Christopher Kostow的哲学与中国的配料、传统和技术融为一体。作
 协助主厨制作菜单上的面包、西点和点心。经营的成功需要最佳工作环境,以及确保对这些配方和配料
 从中国各地采购产品,并与供应商建立关系。当产品不达标准时,要求供应商负责。
 记录和安排季节性时令产品,以便在应季有效地使用产品。一旦产品经过策划和采购,确保它们在使用
 作为餐厅西点的代言人和信使:与一些供应商一起创建、维护和订购是必要的
 对产品的尊重是我们每一天的动力。如何储存、处理、加工、烹调、摆盘,并最终呈现给客人,应该一直
 你将在一天中整洁、快速、有条理的工作。
 你将负责购买自己的刀具并保持其锋利!
 你负责维护和安排西点专用设备。
 按照标准操作程序,记录并且规范化文件餐厅所有重要准则,以确保一致性。
 你将被要求有组织的在时间内完成你的日常工作清单。你将被要求在一天中保持一个干净的工作区域,
 必须意识到,你的产品可能是成品,在服务过程中呈现给客人,因此对你完成的工作和你创造的食物感
 洗碗机和洗碗机操作员对业务和客户体验的成功极为重要和可行。因此,他们应该受到应有的尊重。此
 作为西点副主厨,你会为食物摆盘,有时甚至会把食物展现给餐厅或楼上的酒吧的客人。外表和举止是

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End of Pastry Sous Chef Manager job at Ensue freestanding restaurant in Shangri-La hotel, Shenzen, CHINA.