Sushi Chef job fine dining Australia will sponsor

Japanese Sushi Chef job Australia immigration possible

  • salary $50,000 to $65,000 (Net of tax @ $42,000 – $50,000) Australian dollars per year
  • you MUST be Japanese
  • plus superannuation (another 9% on top of the salary)
  • 4 weeks of paid holiday every year 
  • will sponsor your working visa sub class 457 first; this visa is valid for 4 years, and then after 2 years working, Client will consider to sponsor the chef's Permanent Resident Visa if they wish to stay in Australia permanently.
  • reports to the restaurant Executive Chef
Client has three Japanese restaurants in Brisbane at the moment, and around total of 120 staff are working for (full time and casual). Now Hiring more Japanese Sushi Sashimi Chefs from Japan or Taiwan or Hong Kong ) These chefs are also required to work in the main kitchen time to time, but all necessary training will be offered.
The requirements of the chefs as follows:
1. age between 25 to 43 (max 45)
2. over 3 to 5 years of Japanese chefs experience in Japan or overseas (no need to be head chef)
3. Friendly personality, good team work and communication skills (this one is very important, skill can be trained, but usually personalities are hard to change…)
4.English IELTS test need to pass 5 in reading, writing, listening and speaking (Australian immigration requirement for 457 working visa), but if some candidates have already got a visa in Australia, then English is not required.
5. loyalty to the company, do not change job very often
6. willing to move to Australia, and in good health.
TO APPLY eMail Resume or CV to Japanese and Sushi Australian chef recruiter Modris Reinbergs Tel. +6 128 069 7227 

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