Cook Islands Resort jobs Chefs, Spa, Housekeeping, Waitstaff

Cook Islands resort has jobs for Chefs, Housekeepers, spa Therapist and Waitstaff

Upscale Hotel/Resort in Cook Islands, South Pacific Ocean, is looking to hire qualify candidates for :

Chefs: Sous Chef, Demi Chef, 5 needed
Spa: Spa therapist, 1 needed
Housekeepers: 5 needed
Waitstaff: 5 needed

Preferred nationalities

India, Ski Lanka, Indonesia, Nepal,
British commonwealth countries

Hiring Procedures

Candidates Must present:

1) Professional References (3-4 will do)
2) Medical check for Cook Island- check us for procedure
3) Police Background check
4) English speaking is a MUST

Summary Points

ALL Contracts are for 2 years duration.
Salary is attractive and is based on experience and qualification.
Work Permits for the selected Applicants, will be paid by the Resort.
The Company will provide a one-way economy airfare from home country to the Cook Islands.

Successful candidates are strictly prohibited from jumping their job to a cook Islands competitor.
At the successful completion of one’s Employment Contract, the Resort will provide a return Economy one-way airfare from the Cook Islands.


TO APPLY eMail CV to Guada Costillas Island resort and spa recruiter or, Pacific Ocean Housekeeping and waitstaff Resort recruiter Modris Reinbergs mobile +1-310-691-2586, or, Sri Lankan, Indian, Nepalese, Indonesian hotel staff recruiter Emmanuel Plaza

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end of Cook island island resort jobs for Chefs, Spa Therapist, Housekeepers and Waitstaff in Pacific ocean.