Executive Housekeeper job Maldives 300 rooms resort

Executive Housekeeper job Maldives island resortHousekeeper2x

  • Salary $3,000 -3,500 net + bonus + benefits
  • Female Executive Housekeeper age 35-45
  • MUST BEEuropean or North American, South African, Australian, New Zealander
  • have island or cruise ship experience + experience outside your home country

Salary: $3000 – $3500 Annual Bonus Plan: eligible for 1 month salary, net
Benefits: Single accommodation, laundry services, uniform Health Insurance, limitations apply; paid sick leave
1 day off/week (can accumulate to maximum 8 days, then use it or lose it, one day at a time)30 days annual paid vacation leave after completing one year contract 11 annual public holidays (can combine with days off or annual leave, only)
Economy class airfare to report to work/home leave
Cell phone, desktop, etc.

Health: Good health and fitness given remote location, alcohol consumption within reasonable limits
Contract Term: Two years minimum
Appearance: Good (not overweight), excellent personal grooming.
Interests/Hobbies/Sports: Water sports oriented given restrictions of an island working/living environment

Management Practice:
Character: Outgoing, sociable, friendly, courteous, kind, cheerful.

Location: Maldives resort hotel with 300 rooms, villas, and spa

TO APPLY eMail CV to Maldives island hospitality Recruiter Modris Reinbergs mreinbergs@gmail.com 

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