Performance Management Consultant job Michelin background to $200,000

Performance Management Consultant job Michelin background to $200,000

  • salary USD $150,000 – $200,000 per annum
  • looking for someone with a Michelin Guide background pertaining to restaurant ratings and reviews
  • recent or previous Michelin Guide experience
  • employer will be a Chinese restaurant group with 600 restaurants world wide
  • initial location will be Singapore
  • this is a full time permanent job
  • you may keep your identity confidential in your initial approach to us and reveal it as we goon
  • we will accept referrals; do you know someone who has worked for Michelin and wants a new job?
  • we will pay you a $1K honorarium if your referral is the successful candidate

To APPLY email your CV to Michelin recruiter Modris Reinbergs Mobile +1-310-691-2586

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End of Performance Management consultant job with Michelin guide background.