Tea Sommelier job Steakhouse Saudi Arabia






No, this is not just tea for dessert. Recall Saudi Arabia does not serve alcoholic beverages in their restaurants. In the West up to 45% of gross revenue at a fine dining restaurant comes from Wine and spirits sales. So our client, a wealthy Saudi businessman is looking for a high end Tea Sommelier who can do all that a Wine Sommelier would do:

  • Pair teas to each food course served

  • Able to perform all of the major tea ceremonies of the World
  • Know how to age teas in a light, temperature and humidity controlled "tea cellar"
  • Know where to buy the most rare and expensive broadleaf teas of the World
  • know how to prepare and present "tea tastings"
  • be able to advise patrons of the origin and history of rare and expensive teas
  • preferably be a member of a recognized Tea Sommelier Society
  • serve teas in a distinguished manner as do Wine Sommeliers

As a Professional Tea Sommelier this is a rare opportunity to take your art beyond the accompanied desert tray to true tea lovers who can afford the best.

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