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Executive Sous Chef job Saudi Arabia

Executive Sous Chef job ASIA

EXECUTIVE SOUS CHEF JOB ASIA   Executive Sous Chef job at new Fine dining restaurant in Saudi Arabia. Prefer Indian who is already in Dubai, UAE or Middle East.   eMail CV to HOSPITALITY EXECUTIVE SINGAPORE   To get more Asia jobs SUBSCRIBE to this blog and Follow us on Twitter!  

Executive Sous Chef job KSA Steakhouse

Executive Sous Chef Job Jobs

New High end fine dining Steakhouse restaurant is opening in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The opening provides several new Restaurant jobs. One of these restaurant jobs is for an Executive Sous Chef. The Sous Chef compensation will be equivalent to what you commonly find in The United Arab Emirates for an expatriate sous chef job. Executive…

High end Executive Steakhouse Chef job Jeddah HE72806

Wealthy Saudi businessman with multiple hospitality projects starts with a US Style High end Steakhouse in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Enamoured with his dining experience at Wolfgang Puck’s Cut and Sidebar restaurant, Mohammed said he plans to open a 120 seat equivalent in Jeddah, the capital of Saudi Arabia.  The menu will be similar to Cut…