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Are GoDaddy sites safe to use?
Yes. As with any hosting company, our websites use multiple security layers to keep them safe from potential threats and out of the reach of hackers and virus. We take pride in the fact that our sites are constantly reviewed to ensure they maintain a zero-tolerance for malware, phishing, social engineering, spam, and other malicious websites. This means if you try to get onto one of our sites, you’ll be greeted by the following message: “This site contains unwanted ads, we’re sorry, but it can’t be removed at this time.” GoDaddy’s free website security insurance plan will cover up to $1 million in website security related losses that occur as a direct result of malicious activity such as computer fraud, identity theft, intellectual property infringement, trademark infringement, or cyber-security threats.

What are you most excited about with the launch of the GoDaddy WordPress Hosting plans? I think the great thing about the new wordpress hosting plans is you can have it all. If you’re just starting out on your website and are trying to decide between hosting from GoDaddy or a more advanced host, go with GoDaddy. They provide superior features and benefits, and their services are covered under the A- Tier payment plan. In addition, they have paid services like Web Design, Web Hosting, Web Application Hosting, and of course free SSL certificates for all their customers. And those who are concerned about free SSL certs, they allow you to enroll in a VIP plan that gives you not only SSL certificates but also all other levels of security including 247 technical support. Who should you talk to about saving money with your WordPress website? First of all, let’s talk about savings. Are you simply worried about saving money? Well for most small businesses, the only way to save money is to be responsive to their needs and also anticipate their needs. If your business is large, then you should make sure you save money on the hosting service you get with GoDaddy. You’re going to have to find the best balance. GoDaddy provides a ton of bells and whistles to make your WordPress hosting website the success that it can be. So talk to your local GoDaddy representative about the savings you will receive when you take advantage of their new plans.

What other benefits does a WordPress hosting plan offer? Because the world of WordPress is constantly evolving, the services we offer have been optimized for the fastest site loading speed and a smooth website experience. GoDaddy Blogger, our WordPress hosting plan, is designed to optimize your website for speed by freeing your hosting from the mundane work of managing WordPress so it can focus on performing heavy lifting, or light-lifting, depending on how much time you want to devote to the task. As a GoDaddy Blogger plan customer, your blog is created and hosted by our WordPress Server; meaning the load on your website will be split evenly between your blog and the server that manages it. This process allows your site to always be up-to-date, or, when it hits some service-related snag, you can simply reboot your server or have your site taken offline to repair it. This keeps your site fast, running smoothly, and always meets or beats competing hosting plans available on the market. If you are an experienced WordPress user, go Daddy Cloud Hosting is built on the same principles and offers the same benefits. If you are a novice, WordPress is an exciting and exciting platform. And it’s incredibly simple to learn.

First and foremost, WordPress was created with the concept of personalization in mind. The blog is where you express who you are, where you’re passionate, and what you want to achieve. The blog allows you to focus on your business, and as a result, your marketing and sales efforts will be better for it. WordPress supports and is built around themes, allowing you to customize your blog and website just the way you want. All of this is thanks to the versatility WordPress has and the community of WordPress experts who make it work. Using WordPress means you can be sure that whatever you decide to write about, you’re writing about it correctly and in an elegant manner.

With this goal in mind, GoDaddy Blogger allows you to give the appearance of professionalism, but takes things to the next level with your website. From your WordPress blog design, to your settings and settings management, to your in-house WordPress writing services and support, GoDaddy Blogger is designed to support your every need. Why I Need WordPress WordPress lets you quickly create personal blogs on the go.